Saturday, March 8, 2014

Using Edmodo For Test Prep

You can be creative with Edmodo to help prepare students for standardized tests.  Actually, you can use this idea to prepare students for any assessment.   

First of all...what is Edmodo?  Edmodo is sort of like a social media site for your classroom that is monitored by the teacher.  It's primarily a tool for classroom communication.  I've used it to post announcements, discussions, etc.  When using Edmodo, it is very important that you set rules that students understand and follow.  My students used the tool very well!  They knew that it was not a tool to gossip, bully, joke around, etc.  Expectations must be in place!

I've found Edmodo to be most useful in preparing
my students for tests, especially standardized tests 
such as the CRCT.  In Georgia, the Criterion 
Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) is given to
students in 3rd-8th grades.  

Here is what I did...

I created badges as incentives and a little motivation to get the students involved.  Students really like to have the badges on their wall!  Award the winning students with badges.  I held session for math, science and social studies so I created a badge for each of those areas.

Prepare ahead of time!  I copied and pasted the questions for each session into a Word document.  During the session, I copied and pasted the questions into an Edmodo post.  The first student to respond correctly was awarded a point.

After the questioned is answered by a student or students, discuss the answer and the responses from others.

Set times and dates for the study sessions.  Our sessions lasted an hour. 

Send home a note to parents about the study sessions.  Although these sessions occurred after school, you will be surprised at how many students 
participated.  Each day I would set a different session time so that all students would have an opportunity to participate.  You may also consider during a session during school hours in a computer lab. 

Each day that students come into the classroom I would have the winner's name written on the board. Make a big deal out of it! You definitely will have more participants each study session!  Funny story!  I had a student's older brother participate.  He wanted to see what all of the excitement was about.  I gave him the log in information.  My students beat him!  Lol!

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  2. Jennifer - Thanks for the great post. I am Edmodo's Regional Director for the Southeast (I am based in Atlanta). We love learning about all the creative ways that educators use Edmodo to enhance student learning. Please let us know how we can help! :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! My students LOVED using Edmodo for test prep! Nothing like fun, healthy competition! I'm always trying different things or looking for creative classroom ideas to share with my followers! Thanks again!

  3. What a great way to use Edmodo! I have an account for my class, but never thought to do this! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thanks! I'm so glad that you stopped by! Hope that you can use this idea with your students!

  4. Hi, you might also be interested in using the Edmodo Cloze Quiz Builder app: It's not free, but extremely powerful and flexible. It's very easy to create a quick quiz and get detailed statistics on how well your students performed.

    1. Wow! It looks great! Is the program available through Learnclick or Edmodo? Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    2. Jennifer, sorry for not seeing and responding to the reply earlier. Just stumbled upon your post again after a Google search. The program is available both through and Edmodo. If you want it to integrate with Edmodo though, you must purchase it directly through the Edmodo store.

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