Sunday, May 26, 2013

Behavior 101: Super Student Drops!

I just finished "updating" the cover and instructions for the first product that I posted on Teachers Pay Teachers. 
Here is the first cover.  I know...blah!

Here is the updated cover...Boy, that's better, but I still have lots to learn!

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 Super Student Drops is a behavior management tool that I have used in the past with my students.  Although a very simple and basic idea, super student drops was a hit in my classroom!  All you need is a basket or container to house the drops.  If you see a student following directions, being a good citizen, etc, slip a drop on his desk.  It's amazing to see how so many other students fall in line once they see a student receive a Super Student Drop.  Once a student receives a drop, he/she writes his/her name on it and quietly walks to the basket and drop it inside.  As the teacher, you can decide to do an hourly, daily or even weekly drawing for a treat or prize.  Students will learn quickly that the more drops that they earn the better chances they have at being drawn from the basket.  Be sure to download and PLEASE leave feedback!  

What are some simple behavior tips that work wonders for you in your classroom?  
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  1. I like your cover ;)...and you can tell you have learned a lot since your first version.

    It is really simple, but my students always have something to do as soon as they come in class. I also greet them at the door by name. I think it helps.

    Mrs. Harris
    Mrs. Harris Teaches Science!

  2. Love the new cover, it's very visually appealing. This is a super cute idea.


  3. Love it! I have used a similar system with 2nd graders and it always worked great. I would have a drawing at least once per week and whenever I felt the need for a little reminder about positive behavior.

    Learning Ahoy

  4. It's amazing what kids will do to be put in a drawing. Thanks for sharing!

    Nurturing Noggins

  5. I use this and call it the golden ticket. Works great with 5th grade. Gave a lot out at first. Now not as manny ...our entire schools uses and the principal will draw from office for ice cream once a week. I do once a week even for candy.

  6. Love the idea! Similar to giving kids a raffle ticket. We do the clip up/clip down for behavior and I find it's hard for me to remember to clip up. We used a different system in years past and it was just a negative thing and it's so hard to remember to spot the good! Sad to say, but it's the truth. This would help me to see who deserves to "clip up" at the end of each class, too.