Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Review: The Novice Tutor

So, has anyone out there been thinking about tutoring as a second (or third) job!  I’ve always wanted to have my own tutoring business!  For YEARS and I mean YEARS (no more than 13 Ha Ha!)  I’ve tutored 3rd-5th graders and/or taught 5th grade summer school.  I honestly love tutoring!  I’ve always wanted to get a start with my own business. Adrianne Meldrum of The Tutor House suggested that I read her ebook…The Novice Tutor!  A great resource!

First of all, Adrianne blogs about fabulous ideas and resources that you can use for your tutoring business!  When you get a chance, hop over to her blog The Tutor House and check it out!  

If you are really serious about starting a tutoring business, then you need to purchase her ebook The Novice Tutor!  It answers a lot of questions about running a successful tutor business! 

The ebook covers topics ranging from deciding if tutoring is for you to growing your own tutoring business.  She addresses those commonly asked questions about running a tutoring business.  Check out her Table of Contents so that you can see all of the topics that she covers in her ebook.

The Novice Tutor even includes ideas on how to market your business and where to find great resources!

The Novice Tutor addresses many things that I have not thought about when starting a tutoring business.  I enjoyed reading about pricing.  Adrianne gives great details and websites that you can use to decide on what to charge clients.  I also like her section on policies!  I would have never thought to come up with a Sick/Late Policy or even a Payment Policy.  I guess I have a long way to go when it comes to planning my own tutoring business!  She also has tutoring forms that can be purchased from her website.  I really like her Tutor Business Budget Planner!  It’s very cute, helpful and FREE!  Most of her forms are EDITABLE!

Worried about reading a book when you already have a full plate?  No problem!  The Novice Tutor is a short read!  You can read the ebook from cover to cover within a couple of hours or easily jump to the sections that interest you.

Purchase The Novice Tutor here.  

Once you purchase the ebook you can email her for an invitation to a private Facebook group called Just for Tutors where your will get help and support from other tutors from around the world.

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