Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Got My "Stitch Fix" On

Now this post has nothing to do with curriculum and instruction but more so about your school/work/daily wardrobe.  

So, when it comes to shopping for clothes for's almost non-existent.  Of course, most of my "shopping energy" is devoted to grocery shopping and shopping for my kids.  My work wardrobe consists of blacks, grays and browns, oh yeah, and more blacks!  I'm that type of shopper who hates trying on items in stores because 1) I don't have time for that!  2)  Hmmm...who's watching me behind that mirror!  3)  I just don't have time for that!  

Have you ever tried to shop for yourself with kids playing tag under the clothes rack and running around customers?  Yeah, I've have "those kids"!  So I'm that grab and go shopper!  For real!  When an event comes up for school, like wear red for Red Ribbon week, or wear your favorite team shirt...I will run to my local WalMart or Walgreen's REAL quick...grab and go!  So, with all of that said...I was so happy that my friend Stacy told me about Stitch Fix.  Well, she told me about Stitch Fix a couple of months ago, but you know how life gets busy...yeah, that happens.  Anyway, I was still a little hesitant when she mentioned a personal shopper.  I just shook my head.  Little ole' me with a personal shopper!  Yeah, okay!  Well, I did it anyway.  It was EASY!  I completed a Stitch Fix Style Profile (questionnaire) and told them all about my style (what little there is)!  You can even give them access to your Style Profile on Pinterest.  Yeah, I don't have one!

In the beginning, I was still in the "whatever stage" until I received my email saying that my first "Fix" from Stitch Fix would be delivered on March 6.  I was like "Wow, that's fast!"  I actually got a little excited!


Then, a couple of days later...Talk about service!


Then, today....

Literally, Stitch Fix made my day!  I arrived home  from work around 5 pm and less than 10 minutes later I heard, "Mama, FedEx is at the door!"  Talk about excited!  I was like a kid at Christmas!  After a longgggg day in a longgggg meeting ... and rain too, Stitch Fix made me happy!

The packaging is so nice, neat and pretty!  It comes with an envelope full of ideas on how to put together different outfits with your pieces and very detailed directions on what to do.

With each shipment Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee.  No worries!  If you decided to buy one of the 5 pieces the $20 goes towards the price of the item(s).  If you decide to buy all 5 pieces, the $20 goes towards the total, and you also receive 25% off the total of all of the pieces.  FYI...very important...If you decide not to keep anything, the $20 styling fee DOES NOT rollover to your next "Fix".

I have a stylist now!  :)  Heeheehee!

Some handy, dandy tips for putting your pieces together!  Stitch Fix sends Styling Cards for each piece!

Stitch Fix sends a pre-paid shipping bag so that you will not have to pay for shipping!

So here's my FIRST "Fix"...

Surprisingly, I LOVE the bright colored pieces!  I was also glad that I could try on clothes and "shop" from the privacy of my own home.  Yeah, my stylist did that! ;)

#1) This is one of my favorite pieces!  I love this cardigan!  

#2)  Kind of against horizontal stripes at the moment.  The picture doesn't do it justice!  It really is a nice top!  I'm still debating on whether or not I will keep this.  I have 3 days to decide.  Hmm...decisions, decisions!


#3)   Ok, Ok...This one is my favorite!  Hahahaha!!!  I love the ideas that were sent with this top!  Yeah, I love this top!  Yep, this is my favorite of the 5!


#4)  I don't know if you can see the detail in this shirt that well, but those are swans.  I'm not really a swan type of girl.  Love the red but no "Swan Lake" for me! 

I told Stacy that the shirt was red and had swans on it.  She sent me this picture!  This is how she pictured it in her head!  Hahahaha!  I immediately sent her a picture of this shirt!  It's definitely not this bad!
#5)  I really was not into this last shirt.  I call this shirt "Purple Rain".  For some reason it reminds me of Prince's movie.  I'm not so much into the "Purple Rain" shirt.


So, that's my first "Fix" from Stitch Fix!  I'm excited and ready for my next "Fix"!  You can sign up to receive shipments monthly or as often as you would like.  If you sign up for monthly "Fixes", shipments will be sent every 30 days.  You can cancel your "Fixes" at any time.

Once you receive your items, you log into your account and leave feedback so that they can get started on your next "Fix".

Do you want a "Fix" from Stitch Fix? Click here for my referral!  You can earn $25 towards your "Fixes" for every friend that orders from their shipment!

Happy Shopping At Home!!!


  1. I LOVE that black and white top. Can I have it? :)

  2. Only if you trade it for the split back sweater! ;)

  3. My first fix was a total bust but it got much better after that. I'm hoping your next fix is even better than this one! thanks for linking up :)