Friday, March 21, 2014

Product Swap: Congruent Shapes Activity Pack for Centers

Product Swaps are great!  It gives me an opportunity to try out some awesome products from some of my cyber friends!     Today I'm participating in a Trade and Grade.  The product that I test drove was from my cyber buddy Courtney of Court's Creations!  I let her try out my Super Sweet Arrays product.   She shared her Congruent Shapes Activity Pack for Centers with me!  Perfect swap!  

The Congruent Shapes pack is "packed" with congruent shapes, and I give it an "A+" especially for fun!  The pack is appropriate for 2nd and 3rd grade.  It will also be a great review for 4th and 5th grade.  Courtney has included 3 centers to give your kiddos practice with congruent figures.  

Center 1:  Scavenger Hunt  Students get an opportunity to move around the room!  Students get to hunt for the shape that corresponds to the one they pull from the pile of cards.  The kids had a ball running around finding the congruent shapes!  Everything is a competition!

Center 2:  Memory Math  Kids love matching games!  Students flip over cards trying to find matches.  She was really concentrating!  "Hmmm....where was that match?"

Center 3:  Slap The Shape  What kid doesn't like to bang on a table?  Slap The Shape is similar to "Slap Jack".  The kids  had fun looking for and slapping congruent figures!


One of my favorite parts to this pack is that it has pre- and post-assessments.  Administering pre- and post-assessments can be very powerful in the classroom!  The quick assessments allow you to see the growth that your students make from one period of time to the next.  You can use the pre-assessment data to tailor your lessons or the activities in the pack to the level of the students.

If you have students who perform at a lower level, you can easily modify these centers by providing a smaller number of cards in the different activities.  Kids can also play the games in small groups or pairs.  

Courtney is so awesome that she's giving you all a sample of her Congruent Shapes Activity Pack for Centers.  Just click here to download.

If you get a chance, check out Courtney's blog post on my Super Sweet Arrays here.

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