Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's Time For Spring Cleaning!

I need to do some Spring cleaning! I've already started cleaning out closets in my home and going through kids' toys (yeah, the kids are hating me on the weekends now) but I REALLY need to do some TpT related Spring cleaning. Here are my top priorities:

1) I need to leave feedback on ALL of my purchases. Have you gone back and left feedback for all of your purchases? It's SIMPLE AND it earns you TPT POINTS that you can use towards future purchases from anyone's store!

Directions on how to leave feedback:  At the top of your TpT page click "My TPT",  then click "My Purchases".  Under each of your purchases click "Leave Feedback"  
You're done!  
You have TpT Credit!

Directions on how to check your TpT Credit Balance:  At the top of your TpT page click "My TPT", near the bottom of that box find and click "TPT CREDIT BALANCE".

Those TpT credits are DEFINITELY helpful during sales!

 2) I need to organize my desktop. I have a horrible habit of saving EVERYTHING to my desktop. I know! Here's a peek at that disaster... Every once in a while I would organize it then it's back messy again! Maybe this time around it will stay organized....or not!

Ummm...yeah, that's BAD!!!!!!

 3) I need to organize my TpT files. I've been much better about organizing my clipart using Pixa (hmmm...I should blog about that adventure). While I'm cleaning up my desktop, I need to organize individual files.

 4) During ALL this cleaning, I definitely will be doing some TpT shopping during the HUGE Spring Cleaning Sale that MANY of my blogger friends and I are having this weekend. You can save up to 20% in various stores! I'm offering 20% off of EVERYTHING including my Tracking Common Core Checklist bundles which have already been reduced! So what are you waiting for...get to cleaning shopping!!!!

 Spring Cleaning Sale Saturday, March 29 - Monday, March 31st!

Click here for the link to my store!

Check out other fabulous sellers who are having sales!  Scroll for links!

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