Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday {June 14}

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I'm so glad that it's summer break!  I still don't have time to get much accomplished, but I love saying "summer break"!  Here is a snapshot of my week in pictures...

This summer my youngest kids are finally taking swim lessons.  We have always had our oldest take lessons when she was younger but our other three not so much.  In the past I was always teaching summer school and did not have the time.  Sooooo.... after the kid's first lesson I felt like a bad parent.  Our two girls didn't want to put their face in the water.  Our son was afraid that water would go up his nose.  They SO needed the lessons a long time ago!  They are getting better though.  Most importantly they are getting more comfortable with the water which is what I worried about the most.  Wheew!  SN....I signed the girls up to participate in Guinness Book of World Records largest swim lesson.  On Tuesday, June 18 at 11:00 am many water parks around the country will conduct a swim lesson at the same time to try to get in the records book.  If they pull it off my girls' names will go in the Guinness Book of World cool is that?  I will let you know how it goes!

We always have visitors...well, kids, anyway!  My niece, Jaia, is with us for a few weeks.  She's a sassy little 4 year old!  Jaia told me this morning that she's never going home.  Sorry, honey!  After a few weeks it's "home, sweet, home".  I also have a 14 year old cousin who seems to always be at our house as well.  He's now on week two with us.  We're up to 6 kids in our house!  I need groceries!!!

A friend's birthday party

Do your kids love veggies?  Well, mine despise them.  They will "play" with them but not eat them.  I have to sneak baby food veggies into spaghetti in order for them to get some servings.  I've even gone as far as putting avocado in their chocolate milkshakes.  Sounds gross but it tastes delicious..very rich!  {Love The Sneaky Chef book!!!}  Anyway, my oldest daughter, Kiana, has a paid internship (Woo Hoo!!) this summer at the Cooperative Extension Office.  She brings home vegetables sometimes.  Last week it was Vidalia onions, and this week she brought home zucchini and squash.  So I have plans to make a Zuchinni and Squash Casserole...Yeah, Ive never made nor tasted it!  Ok, I'm a very picky eater as well.  Any recipe suggestions?

I love our local library!  Every year I sign the kids up for the summer reading program.  They love it because they earn prizes!  I love it because it encourages them to read.  Each week they have an awesome show or activity.  We attended the Chad Crews Magic Show.  He talked about the importance of reading and brought in some "friends"!  I wasn't going to touch this particular friend, but my kids loved it!

Cue the slow, sad music!  My most favorite fabulous discontinued GAP long and lean jeans have finally run their course.  No!!!!!!!  I LOVE these jeans!  Best jeans that I've ever owned!  They have been discontinued!  What now?  Bring on the patches!!!!

Here's an extra pick...I finally got my son to wear flip flops...we live in the south and he hated wearing flip flops because he cannot stand to have anything between his toes...Talk about a time saver!!!!  Love flip flops!

Coming soon!!!

I'm in the middle of updating my Tracking Common Core Checklists.  You can use these checklists to keep track of the standards that you address in class as well as the standards that your students master.  Here are some of the updates that I'm making are...
1.  The name of the standards strands have changed a bit.  The strands for my checklists were named by my state, Georgia, so I change from CCGPS to the CCSS.  Only the strand name changed not the actual standard.
2.  Added a class checklist to track mastery of standards for each of your students.
3. I think I'm sort of digging creating covers...I placed covers and some ideas on how to use the checklist.
4.  Most exciting--- I will be adding bundles!  I know that some of you teach multiple grades so I will sell them in bundles at a discounted price.

The checklists are available for K-5 for English/Language Arts and Math!  Check them out by clicking on the picture!

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  1. Okay, the picture of your son holding the zucchini with the face on the squash, just about made me pee my pants laughing! So cute - you are hilarious! We love to just put some garlic and olive oil into a pan and cut up squash and zucchini together with onions and cook the life out of them. We cook them until the are sort of browned. My kids eat 'em up and they don't like too many veggies.
    I am your newest follower! You made my morning with that picture!

  2. Awesome! I have those ingredients and I am going to try your recipe! It sounds so easy too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Try slicing the zucchini lengthwise, mix up some egg whites and milk to dip them in, and roll them in shredded Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs. Spray a cookie tray or cake pan and bake them. You can slice them into circles and do the same thing, it makes them a little crispier. My sister-in-law does it all the time. This recipe is similar to what she does.,,10000001831902,00.html

    And you can sneak zucchini into lasagna easy!

  4. Enjoyed reading about your week! My grandson is doing the next class of swim lessons this summer. After last summer, he was pumped to do more! Great picks of the kids--the veggie phone was a stitch! Great checklists! Thanks for sharing your week!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  5. I just found you through doodle bug's link up. Your "Y" looks like mine...wonder if we live by eachother??? Do you live in TX?

    I also bought my step-son flip-flops today:) He doesn't have an issue with them, but my 4-year old does.


  6. Just think how cool it would be as a kid to be in the Guinness Book of World Record.

    I'm going to participate in a PhotoWalk while in San Antonion for ISTE and they are attempting to get a world record too. Pretty fun even as an adult.

    room 4 imagination

  7. Love the cute pic of playing with veggies! The expression on his face is priceless!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  8. So cool to be in the Guinness Book of World Records! Sounds like there's lots of fun at your house this summer!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  9. I too love Gap Long and Lean jeans! If you have an outlet nearby you may be able to find some there I just bought a pair from an outlet back in February. Good luck! :)

  10. How cool is that giant swim class? I love your blog and good luck feeding all those kids! There is a good cook book by Jerry Seinfeld's wife called
    Deceptively Delicious. It sounds like what you are already doing but you might get some new ideas from it. Something my sister did was every time her son wanted a snack he had to eat something healthy first-like three carrot sticks or 1/2 cup of salad mix (even with ranch) and then he could pick whatever he wanted. As long as she had the easy healthy snacks handy it worked well for her. She only had one kid at the time, though. Thanks for linking up to Currently! I'm your newest follower, Heather