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Reading Olympians...and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!!

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Join the Reading Olympians, The 3AM Teacher and over 80 SUPREME education bloggers as we take you through a tour of the Reading Olympians Root Study Program!!!

As an Instructional Coach, at times I am able to go into different classrooms to assist teachers or teach a lesson.  This is the best part of my position!  I LOVE teaching!  I also love helping teachers so it’s the best of both worlds.   This week I was able to teach a lesson in a 4th grade reading intervention class.   The lesson of choice was from a cool program called Reading Olympians.   Reading Olympians is a vocabulary-building program for elementary students.  Krista and Julie of Reading Olympians created the program.  The purpose of the program is to deepen understanding of words and enrich student’s vocabulary by using groups of Greek/Latin roots and stems.

I chose parts of the first lesson, Nike.  I differentiated it for the group of 4th graders, and they had a ball!  First, a little background about the program…Reading Olympians is a whopping 300 page program!  Students pace themselves through the groups of roots {which are named after Greek gods/goddesses} and earn reading beads for their personalized reading necklaces.  When they earn all ten of their reading beads and tags for their necklaces, they become a 

{in my deep announcer type voice}

It truly is a program that you can use throughout the whole year and help your student increases their understanding of Greek/Latin words by learning 100 roots!  The program comes with instructions, parent letter, teacher organizers, word wall cards, key ring word cards, root chants, graphic organizers, assessments, certificates and data gathering materials.

Oh, yeah, my lesson….The students had a BLAST!  I began the lesson by discussing the meaning of prefixes and suffixes {affixes if you want to get technical}.   I knew that in order to get the student's attention and interest I had to grab it quickly!  I let them choose a partner and told them that they were going to rap about a prefix or suffix.  Yeah, they looked at me like I was crazy!  I took the chants from Reading Olympians and called them raps.  They were on board!  I told them to personalize the chant so that it will help their classmates remember their prefix or suffix.  I gave them the chants, assigned their prefix or suffix and they were ready to go!  They were laughing, beating on tables (coming up with “beats” from what I was told Lol!)…but most importantly they were learning about prefixes and suffixes!

Their raps were so cute!

After each group's presentation, we discussed each group’s different prefix and suffix.  I gave them the Nike graphic organizer.  The graphic organizer is awesome!  Students come of up with a list of words with the prefix or suffix, picture, definition and sentence.  Since most of the students do struggle with reading, I placed them in pairs and gave them only one page of the graphic organizer and a dictionary for the remainder of class.  I told each group to come up with at least three words for each prefix or suffix, choose one word illustrate, define and write a sentence.  They enjoyed the activity and worked well together.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use this program in the class or want to see some more examples of the program in action join the Reading Olympians "Pass The Torch" Linky Party!  This is one HUGE party!  Over 80…YES!...80 bloggers have used lessons from this AWESOME program and have blogged about it!  All you have to do is click the torch at the bottom to read some FABULOUS posts of ideas on how to use the Reading Olympians in your classroom.  We have bloggers from K-6th in this linky!  I’m sure that you will find a teacher’s classroom that may be similar to yours who used the program! 

If you are interested in Krista and Julie’s Reading Olympians program, click here!

Thanks Michelle (The 3am Teacher) for introducing me to Krista and Julie and their FABULOUS vocabulary program….READING OLYMPIANS!!!! {yeah, that deep announcer voice again}.    Michelle is the talented artist that created the clipart for the program and this linky party!

BUT WAIT!!!!  That’s not all!  There’s more to this awesome linky party!  
Krista and Julie are also having a giveaway!  

First Place Winner : Gold Medal

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LOVE Amazon gift cards!  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…I can buy books, a laminator or other teacher goodies (I would too!).  Be sure to hop over to the Reading Olympians blog and enter the Raffle contest.  In order to win you HAVE to make sure that you follow all of the terrific bloggers who are blogging about the Reading Olympians program….so get to hopping!   Good luck!


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