Friday, April 19, 2013

Five for Friday...My First!

Yay!!!  It's Friday!  I wanted to try something a little new this week so I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for her weekly linky party!  Here goes...I do hope that I'm following the guidelines of the linky and doing it correctly....

{1} So last week while I was on spring break I attended a cousin's wedding and kind of went crazy with taking pics!  On Sunday I uploaded the pics and it took me A LONG time to upload...145 pictures....and that's not all that I took.  Yep!  I thought that I was the wedding photographer!  I finally stopped uploading!  Here's a favorite pic that my aunt took of me!

{2} I'm a VERY busy woman!  (Who isn't, huh?} Aside from working during the day (and what seems like night) our kids are very active!  This week our oldest, Kiana, had region soccer playoff games!  SN:  They scored 10-0 in one of the games!  Mercy rule...the refs had to call the game!  Anyway, these shots made the newspaper in Augusta which is 45 minutes away from us!  Not exactly our local newspaper, but she was in the news!  Wish I could get my hands on one of the newspapers!  Anyway, one of the team members was able to get me some of the shots that was included in the article.  They've won each game this week which means we continue on next week!  Go Devils!!!!!  I couldn't resist adding both pictures!
She likes headers!  I don't understand why a
person would like hitting a ball with their head!

Kiana in action!
{3} Girls Trip Alert!!!!  My college girlfriends contacted me this week and want to go to Charleston, SC for a long weekend in July!  I'm SUPER girls and I haven't had a trip together in about 4 years...two...I've never been to Charleston...three...I'm looking forward to relaxing ANYWHERE!  SN:  Ready for summer!  Here is a pic of the apartment that we are renting for the weekend!

Looks comfy!!!
{4}  Earlier this week my son, MJ, and I met Adrian Peterson from the Chicago Bears!  Peterson is a graduate and football legend from our local college Georgia Southern University.  He came to our school to give our students a pep talk before the CRCT.  He also did a book signing for his new book Don't Dis My Abilities!  My son is in PreK so I woke him up from his nap to meet him and for Peterson to autograph his book.  My son was rather grumpy so I'll post a picture of the book instead.   At least he has an autographed book!  The book is definitely on my "To Read Over Summer" book list.  Any other suggestions of books that I can read over the summer?

{5} This week I tried pinning some of my products!  I like LOVE Pinterest...just like everyone else!  I do get caught up in pinning my wants, dreams, etc.  This week I just wanted to see what kind of response that I would get from pinning some of my products.  I received a lot of repins and some Pinterest followers!  That was exciting!  If you're interested in my newest freebie Sweet, Sweet Arrays...check it out!  It focuses on helping students recognize arrays!

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  1. Hi,

    I found you through the linky party! You do seem very busy! I love Charleston! It is one of my favorite cities! You will enjoy it! Make sure to hit the market in downtown Charleston!


    The Bilingual Teacher

  2. I've heard about the market downtown! SOOOO....looking forward to it! Thanks for stopping by!

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