Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coming Soon...Educents

So while I was scrolling through comments and messages on FaceBook this morning I stumbled across a link that caught my eye...Daily Deals...For Educators!  Now I'm all about a daily deal site!  What could be better than a daily deal site for educators?  Of course, the site hasn't launched yet, but it has gotten A LOT of educators excited!  So what does this excited educator do....SIGN UP!  As soon as I signed up, I received an email for a $15 gift card to be used on Educents.  Apparently, if you sign up before their launch date (April 2) you will receive a $15 gift card.  All educators like free!  Once you sign up, you will receive an referral link.  You can earn a $1 credit at Educents for every person who signs up under you.   Do you want to an account?  If so, join -------> here!  The site is not only for educators but also for parents, homeschoolers, college students, adult learners.... ----> Sign up today!

Click here to check out Educent's blog!

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