Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Vote Like That" 2012

In 2009, a couple of my friends/colleagues (one being Stacy over at Funky Fresh Firsties) and I had the opportunity to visit the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was amazing!  We came back with a fire lit under us!  We were ready to educate and inspire ANY student that we encountered!  The staff AND students at Ron Clark Academy were/are phenomenal!



Ron Clark, Founder of Ron Clark Academy
and author of "The Essential 55"

I'm Slide Certified!
For the 2008 election, Ron Clark had his students debate in class.  As a result, the students created the song "Vote However You Like" based on their debates.  The students sing the song to the melody of "Whatever You Like" by TI, a well-known rapper.  The video gained a great amount of media attention and encouraged students around the world to research about presidential elections so that they can form their own opinions.  As a result, they performed at the 2009 Inauguration.

The students at Ron Clark Academy have done it again!  They created a video for the 2012 election.   Another teacher and I are organizing a mock election for PreK-5th on election day.  After sending out possible election activites, I sent out the link to the student's most recent video, "Vote Like That", so that teachers can share the video with their students.   The students sing the song to the melody of Cher Lloyd's "Want You Back"  Check out the video!

As the election approaches and we plan activities for students, we have to remember that voting is a right and obligation of every citizen of the United States.  It is guaranteed by the Constitution and one of the reasons our country was founded.  The United States of America is a democracy which allows for each citizen to express opinions through voting.
The ladies, Kim Bearden (Co-Founder), and Me

With that being said voting is also a personal and private right.  As educators, we must be able to educate about factually based issues in an unbiased way.  Therefore, as we educate and lead our students through the process of a Presidential Election, please be careful when discussing the candidates' platforms.  If students want more information, which might require a more biased answer, encourage them to research each candidate’s issues online, watch debates online, interview respected adults or discuss with their parents.
Have fun planning election activities for you students!  If you ever get a chance, visit Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia!  You WILL be inspired!  Check out the school

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  1. That was an AMAZING trip for sure... and you're right... we did come back ON FIRE! Great post, friend!!!

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