Friday, October 19, 2012

Keeping Track of Common Core Standards

Common Core...Common Core...Common Core!  It seems to be the buzz word lately.  I'm from Georgia, and this is our first year implementing these standards.   Yes, we are a couple of years behind some other states, but we are making progress.  Yay! Many of us have gotten off to a rocky start, but, hey, it is getting much better. The internet has a WEALTH of information especially since 45 states (and 3 territories) have formally adopted Common Core Standards.  I think that it's great!  If I get a student from the American Samoa Islands, Guam or the US Virgin Islands in the little old town of Statesboro, at least I know that I'm teaching the same standards that his previous teacher was covering.  Okay, that's a bit drastic!  I truly am glad that we have the same standards as other states.  Why?
#1- In the past, I have received students from different states who are either behind or above the skills that I was teaching. 
#2 - It makes it so much easier to find activities on the internet when you have people writing lesson plans similar to yours and that are based on the same standards that you are teaching. 
Shout out to Teachers Pay Teachers!  Woop Woop!!!!
#3 - Well,for #3, I got nothing!  Give me a minute.... Lol!
Anyway, since Common Core Standards are here to stay (or until the next round of standards come around), I created checklists for K-5 in Math and English/Language Arts.  The checklists are not meant to just check off a standard and forget about it.  Oh, no!  I'm sure you were told in training that you are going to teach the same standards over and over again.  The checklists can be used to make sure that you are teaching every part of common core.  Once you teach a standard, you can place a check in the box under the current nine weeks.   If you are not a check mark kind of dude or chic, you can be extra organized and write the date that you taught the standard in the available boxes.  Your principal will be very impressed that you are so organized by keeping track of those Common Core Standards! :)
Also included on the checklists is a "Things To Remember" section under each domain.  I find this helpful when I need to make note of something that I will need to remember when I teach the skills the next year.  If you are interested, take a peek at these checklists in my TpT store. 
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